AHAR Ireland

Animal Heaven Animal Rescue (AHAR) currently operates a rescue centre for all animals near Killarney, Co. Kerry. Primarily we handle dogs, cats and horses but regularly have foxes, chickens, pigs, goats, ferrets, etc. residing with us. While we are a basic operation, the animals are well nourished and well looked after.

We actively re-home as many animals as we can. All of our dogs and cats are neutered and vaccinated before they are re-homed. These animals range from all ages from kittens and puppies to fully grown adults. The horses also range from foals to adults.

We do not turn any animal away. Animals stay at Animal Heaven Animal Rescue until a suitable home is found however long that takes. None of our animals are put to sleep unless their health is very bad and they are suffering.
Crag, , , Castleisland Co. Kerry, Ireland