Cats & Dogs Protection Association of Ireland

Our principal work is for the welfare of cats, both feral and domestic. Feral cats are descended from domestic cats which have not been neutered and have been abandoned by their owners. While feral cats live closely with humans and depend on them for food, most have never been handled and hide when a human approaches. Un-neutered and left to fend for themselves, they breed indiscriminately. The female can have up to three litters each year. Their numbers run to thousands in every county in Ireland. Our work with feral cats involves trapping and neutering healthy adults, thus preventing more kittens being born, and, where feasible, returning them to their colony.

Since we do not have our own shelter, the unwanted or stray domestic cats and kittens are fostered until new homes can be found for them.

When we started in Dublin in 1946 we were known as The Feline Club. We are a registered charity since 1988 and became a limited company in 1989. We affiliated to the ISPCA at that time and have broadened our work to include the care of dogs. As with the domestic stray cat, dogs also are fostered until new homes can be found for them. Home checks are made before placing animals in new homes. All adult animals are neutered before placement.
Carmichael Centre for Voluntary Groups, North Brunswick Street, Dublin, 7, , Ireland