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Dear Friends,

Enclosed is a picture of Millie. My parents adopted her in June 2002 in Plymouth, MA when she was adopted her name was Fran, but we changed it.

MillieWhen Millie came into our home she was very reserved and shy. She had mange and her fur was sparse and course for about a month and a half we put medicine that the friends of the Plymouth Pound had started her on. I had to bathe her every 2 weeks with special shampoo. As you can tell by the picture, she now has a very shiny soft coat and looks beautiful!!

Millie cam from Georgia and we didn't  know anything about her. Her first week was very quiet. She slept in her dog bed a lot and was pretty shy. She is very smart and got the basics quickly. She now walks very nicely on a leash, heels well, and only pulls when she wants to chase a squirrel or rabbit. She loves to play ball and has a large collection of tennis balls.

Millie was also pretty small, just around 8 months when we got her and she has grown quite a bit. (Filled out - but she is the same height she was, when we got her.) Her favorite snack after her walk (we walk 3 miles every morning) is a dog biscuit with peanut butter. I gave here the peanut butter to help her coat and skin and she loves it.

Millie was a lab mix, we were told in Plymouth when we got her home and did a little research. We now believe she is a Lab Pitbull mix. Possibly she has some kind of hound mixed in too. We were a little nervous because my parents have 7 grand children under 7 years old. We didn't know how she would be with the kids. She has really taken a liking to them. They run and play in the yard and she follows. She loves to play with them. She is very good with all the kids and the older ones ask if Millie can go to their house for a sleepover. (She goes on occasion and has great time!) We couldn't ask for a better dog. She is well behaved, sweet, loving, and funny. She has a funny personality and loves to bring things for you to play with. She loves toys with squeaks in them and she is always bringing them to you so you can play with her.

We have two other dogs that are always over (both of my sisters' dogs) and Millie has a great time with them. They all get along great.

We couldn't be happier with another dog. We love Millie.

May 12, 2003

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