• Please Adopt Me

    Please Adopt Me

    I'm waiting for you at your local animal shelter.
    Please come and get me.

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    Speak Out for Me

    You are our voice.
    We need your help to speak out for us.

  • I'm Ready to Come Home with You

    I'm Ready to Come Home with You

    I'm packed and ready
    for my forever home.

  • Free Smiles

    Free Smiles

    Adopt me and I'll try
    to make you happy every day.

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We want to support you in your mission to help cats in need.

The Purr...fect Fence Cat Fencing System is the first complete, free-standing cat fence that safely keeps cats within a designated area. We currently protect more than 15,000 cats, in the US, Canada, and Europe. Dozens of shelters and thousands of homeowners are keeping their cats safe & happy outdoors with Purrfect Fence.

Cats are protected from cars, wild animals, and unfriendly neighbors. In multiple cat households, behavior problems will often become minimal or disappear completely. For overcrowded feral cats, the results of their newfound freedom will be amazing. The Purr...fect Fence system is easy to install and looks great. The peace of mind Purrfect Fence brings is amazing. Many of our customers describe the addition of our fence to their property as "life changing."

We have always offered a 15% across the board discount for non-profit rescues and shelters (501c3) who purchase the Purr...fect Fence for their own organization's use.

We are now offering a fundraising opportunity which will result in a $ 50.00 donation made to your Shelter or Rescue for each customer that you refer to Purrfect Fence.*

Here is how it works:

    • Become a Participating Shelter or Rescue (PSR) ... There is absolutely no cost to you!
    • Promote Purrfect Fence by displaying our brochures and including them in your adoption kits.
    • We will provide you with brochures and display material. On the back of the brochure will be a unique code good for a $ 25.00 discount for the customer. When a purchase is made, we will track the purchase and send you a donation of $ 50.00.*
Help us help you keep more cats happy, healthy, and safe!
Visit our website Online Brochure

* To qualify a purchase must be for a least one (1) complete 100’ Cat Fence System. Note: Additional systems ordered by the same customer do not qualify for additional discounts or donations.

Click on the request form on the left and indicate which packages you would like to receive.

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