• Please Adopt Me

    Please Adopt Me

    I'm waiting for you at your local animal shelter.
    Please come and get me.

  • Speak Out for Me

    Speak Out for Me

    You are our voice.
    We need your help to speak out for us.

  • I'm Ready to Come Home with You

    I'm Ready to Come Home with You

    I'm packed and ready
    for my forever home.

  • Free Smiles

    Free Smiles

    Adopt me and I'll try
    to make you happy every day.

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The LA Animal Shelter is an independent shelter which cares for and rehomes stray or neglected dogs and cats in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia. It is based just outside Amherst and is run mainly by volunteers. At the Shelter, we provide love and care ...

Telephone(902) 661-7297


Our goal is to rescue orphaned kittens and provide them with safe shelter, proper nutrition, medical care, lots of TLC and finally loving adoptive families.

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