At the beginning of 2013 we head to number 1,000 animals who strive hard to provide them a decent living in the shelter association. For us, unfortunately, the history repeat itself: we are in great difficulty because of the fact that we do not have en ...

We are young but we have much love for our animals. We try to save as many animals (dogs) as possible. Try with us. Thanks a lot.

To raise the level of awareness and education of people towards animal welfare and animal rights but also to highlight the importance of respecting all animals as sentient beings and of the humane and efficient ways to handle a social problem, our problem ...

Romanian charity promoting animal welfare, sterilization, rehoming and managing a private, modern shelter.

White Fang Foundation for animal protection is the first organization for dog resque in Romania, founded in 1991. We are running a no-kill shelter near Bucharest where we can accommodate approx. 135 dogs. Please take a tour to our site.

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Local, loving pet care near you