• Please Adopt Me

    Please Adopt Me

    I'm waiting for you at your local animal shelter.
    Please come and get me.

  • Speak Out for Me

    Speak Out for Me

    You are our voice.
    We need your help to speak out for us.

  • I'm Ready to Come Home with You

    I'm Ready to Come Home with You

    I'm packed and ready
    for my forever home.

  • Free Smiles

    Free Smiles

    Adopt me and I'll try
    to make you happy every day.

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The Aberdeen Area Humane Society serves the Northern South Dakota and Southern North Dakota Area. We are here in the interests of animal welfare. We place homeless animals into good homes as well as rescue animals from abusive situations. We have a shelte ...

Telephone(605) 226-1200


The Beadle County Humane Society was established to address the needs of animal welfare and promote responsible pet ownership. Funding for the organization comes from city and county support for animal control, impound and adoption fees, and donations. Th ...

Telephone(605) 352-8955
Dogs Cats


Black Hills Boxer Rescue is committed to re-homing boxers that have lost their homes through no fault of their own. All animals are spay/neutered prior to placement and adoptive families must participate in our adoption approval process. Anyone that needs ...



The Brookings Regional Humane Society (BRHS) works to help rescue and care for animals that are abandoned, neglected, or needing to be surrendered by their owners. Once an animal is surrendered to the Humane Society they will undergo a medical exam, teste ...

Telephone(605) 697-7387


I am a member of the National Brittany Rescue and Adoption Network but also work closely with all rescue groups who need help in South and North Dakota. My family and I provide foster care for abandoned britts and also help with transportation across the ...

Telephone(605) 224-2964


We are an open intake shelter, accepting any animal that comes to our door. We service the needs of the Watertown area, as well as Rural South Dakota and Minnesota.

Telephone(605) 882-2247


We provide animal control for Rapid City and part of Pennington County; provide rabies quarantine, protective custody, adoptions, reclaims, euthanasia, dog and cat licensing for Rapid City and Pennington County.

Telephone(605) 394-4170


The The International Society for the Protection of Mustang and Burros is an effective international leader in our field because we have earned the respect and credibility of the many diverse participants in the Wild Horse and Burro program. Our approach ...

Telephone(605) 964-6866


We are also available to help people find new homes for their pets. As we have no facility and not enough foster families, we might not be able to actually take a pet for you, but we will help with advertising and talking to people who might be intereste ...



North American Shar Pei Rescue (NASPR)fosters and places abandoned, unwanted or owner surrendered shar pei. We do dog evaluations and prostpective adoptee evaluations prior to placement. If we can be of assistance please contact us.

Telephone(605) 225-5647

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