• Please Adopt Me

    Please Adopt Me

    I'm waiting for you at your local animal shelter.
    Please come and get me.

  • Speak Out for Me

    Speak Out for Me

    You are our voice.
    We need your help to speak out for us.

  • I'm Ready to Come Home with You

    I'm Ready to Come Home with You

    I'm packed and ready
    for my forever home.

  • Free Smiles

    Free Smiles

    Adopt me and I'll try
    to make you happy every day.

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We are situated in Star Valley, Wyming, and are establishing several programs in our area including: promoting spaying/neutering, coordinating adoptions and fostering of unwanted and/or abused animals, bring about education and awareness through school pr ...

Telephone(307) 883-0006


Now housing up to 6,000 animals a year, Cheyenne Animal Shelter is moving into a state of the art, 20,000 square foot facility. They hope to offer better care to the animals and, serve the public more efficiently.

Telephone(307) 632-6655


We have several animals in foster care. We are also in need of dog houses and blankets. Hours: 8 a.m. to noon.

Telephone(307) 358-6475


Frontier Ferrets Shelter & Rescue serves much of southwest Wy. & northern Utah. We rescue, rehab & rehome. A No Kill shelter. All ferrets current on shots and ADV tested.

Telephone(307) 877-6431


Our shelter has outdoor runs and in the winter, ice keeps the dogs quite cold. Snuggles would be most appreciated.

Telephone(307) 733-2139


Kindness Ranch is a 1000 acre ranch nestled among the rolling hills of Hartville, Wyoming and is the only sanctuary in the US that takes in all kinds of research animals including dogs, cats, horses, pigs and sheep. Since it was founded in 2006, Kindness ...

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