Have you ever wondered what any of those dogs at the Humane Society are thinking? I know I have. His name, Reich. This could have been his story…

I am a big adult Rottweiler and I should not cry…but why am I here? I really cannot remember what I did wrong.

A few days ago they looked at me different, but I thought it was just their way of letting me know that life was being a little too hard on them this time. After all, I know how hard they worked everyday just to get us all by. But then it happened….They drove me out of town, and dropped me in a building full of kennels, strange smells and quite a few scared dogs and cats. And then they walked away. I have not seen them again, and it has been at least two weeks already.

I know there were moments when I crossed a line or two, but I always hoped they would understand that I never meant to be such a tornado…it was just my puppy nature. Now that I think about it, it never even crossed my mind that they would ever give me away. I loved them, they were my family. And I miss them so much…

I have seen a lot of things since I got here. These dogs around me are desperate to go back home. And so am I. I know a few of them just want to go somewhere else where somebody will treat them right for a change. I was surprised to find out that even most of these cats want a place they can call home. That made me smile. I always thought that they were so independent. Everybody can use a nice warm bed after all.

I have seen some very sad days too. Sometimes somebody comes with a leash and takes a dog with him…We never see that dog again. I know cats have the same problem, we have heard them meowing very sadly every once in a while. I think that happens when you don’t get picked up by your family…or when nobody adopts you…Big dogs like me seem to be always waiting for one of those days and I know I am losing my hope.

I wish my family would have loved me half as much as I always loved them, I wish they would have understood that I was a family member too. I feel that I need to apologize for something I never did, or even something I never barked about. I am alone now and still cannot figure out what happened with my life. But if I never make it out of here alive I want the whole world to know that I was a good boy. And I will always be.

To all the gentle souls waiting for a chance.

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