He came to us from a shelter,

His first year had been helter skelter,

His other owner must have treated him badly, He hated men, growled at me, most sadly . . .

He gave Rene a bit of a lick,

But treated me like a big dead stick,

Just walked past me, growling & showing his teeth, He certainly wasn't happy with me, under a desk he hid beneath . . .

The shelter took good care of him, but,

It was time for him to find a family & accept men, I lay on the floor and let him over me walk, I whispered to him when I did at him talk . . .

He finally let me play with his favorite toy, I knew deep down inside he was a really good boy, We did then go home, leaving Rufuz for another time, When we got back, he did remember us both, And treated me better, than the first time . . .

It took some training,

He has had to learn a few things,

Though each thing he learned didn't take much explaining, He was & is a really smart guy, He's traveled with us both on low road & high, Now he has bonded with me, his anger towards men, He cannot now remember why . . .

Copyright 2008 Ed Matlack. All rights reserved.

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