In response to the rising number of websites that promote, glamorize or trivialize cruelty to animals, we have put together this information to help you to do something to stop it. Much of what you see on the Internet is created for the purpose of drawing attention to the author's website. They are so disassociated with society that it doesn't matter to them if what they are displaying has any moral value. All they are concerned with is the attention -- whether good or bad -- it is all attention and motivates them to continue their effort to increase their hit count or reputation. To those types of sites, we encourage you to ignore them. Hopefully, without the attention that they crave and the lack of interest in their site, they will go away.

In the past, we provided petitions and worked to have the sites removed. Even though this process was successful, it also helped to draw attention to those sites. We now feel that it is in the best interest of all concerned that we handle these things in another manner.

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