Hugs Society's mission to help homeless and displaced animals is accomplished through two distinct and important divisions:

Public Programs

Our public-oriented programs are presented through our website. Some of the programs provided here are our OFTAnet (Outreach for the Animals Network) programs: Lost and Found Pets and Pet Adoption Services; our Worldwide Shelter Directory which provides a public listing of shelters, rescues and sanctuaries for public use, our Snuggles Project which provides not only comfort to the shelter animals but a "bridge of caring" for Snuggles makers and shelters worldwide, our NewsReporter which brings news stories about animals from around the world, and around the clock phone, email and website assistance.

Shelter Network Programs

We value the programs that we provide to our shelter network. These programs enable them to reach more people to achieve a greater number of adoptions and found pets. By helping other animal caring organizations, we are extending our reach to help the animals.

It is important in our mission to help the animals by not only helping the public to understand the caring and welfare needs of animals but to also help the animal caring community of shelters, rescues, sanctuaries, and rehabilitators to do their work to help the animals. These two divisions encompass our focus and our purpose.

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