I've been in this place such a long time. It seems that way, but it's really only been a couple weeks. I sit here in this cage waiting. Why am I here? Where is the family that took care of me? Are they coming to take me back home? I sure hope so, I don't like it here. During the day people walk by, sometimes not even looking at me. Once in a while someone will stop to say a few kind words, but they don't take me home.

The nights are the worst, listening to all the scary sounds, like other dogs barking, keeping me awake. I hear cats crying, frightened by this place. Why are there so many cats here? Are they all lost and waiting to go home also? Alone in the dark I don't even have my soft blanket to give me comfort.

Here comes the kind attendant who takes me for walks and gives me treats. He's bringing another dog, maybe to play with me. I am so lonely. He takes me out of my cage, putting the new dog in my cage. Maybe this means I finally get to go home. YEA!, I jump for joy. He leads me away from the cages, down the hallway to another room, lifts me onto a big table. He gives me a hug that feels so nice. I hear his gentle words, but he is not smiling. I lift my head to lick his face and I taste his tears. Why is he so sad?

Please, if you have room in your home, if you have room in your heart, visit a local animal shelter and adopt a homeless animal. They have so much to give and many don't get the chance. We need your help. Visit our Worldwide Shelter Directory today to find a local animal shelter -- and give someone a chance.


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