You Must, and I Mean Must, Read This

Our Dear friends lost 3 of their feathery children on Thanksgiving day. A tragedy that I pray none of us ever have to go through. They had no idea that the self cleaning oven they have, and NEVER used was a danger to anyone.

Bubba, the Severe Macaw, fell off his perch and my called me as she did not see it happen but the bird was quite stressed. My first question was are you cooking with anything non stick. Of course her answer was NO. She brought the bird over to my home and we treated for shock and swelling in case the fall caused a problem. The bird responded directly and went right to my friend's' shoulder. She took Bubba home. She called me in an hour to tell me the bird had died. And an hour after that she called again to say that it was something in her house, 2 more birds were going fast. I again asked about the non stick cook wear, and got a NO answer. I then asked about a self cleaning oven and got a Yes but never used. I knew instantly that was the culprit. My friends already had all of the birds outside and the house airing out, thinking it might be a gas leak.

Christmas is coming and everyone that is cooking and has birds...IF YOU HAVE A SELF CLEANING OVEN BOARD THE BIRDS..... Nothing that is non stick is safe and no self cleaning oven is either. The gasses from these monsters act like an acid on the birds insides and kill them very quickly....We can only be thankful that the other four birds were spared.

PLEASE WARN YOUR FRIENDS THAT HAVE BIRDS AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR FEATHERY CHILDREN. You have now been warned, take no chances, This is far to important to ignore.

Our love to our friends and our hearts are with you and thank you for letting me tell your sad story so that we can, hopefully , save the lives of other birds in the future.

Karen Allen
South Bay Bird Society

For more information on hazards to birds in the home, click here.

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