Nicholais French

Nicholais (Nicki) has left such a deep and everlasting impression on my life. In the most unassuming way, she was always there -- either quietly at the perimeter of what was happening or smack in the middle of it.

She loved. If she loved you, you knew it. Her love was not the frivolous kind. It was the “you are so incredibly important to me” kind. There was no doubt.

Her intelligence and love of life was seen in the way she moved with whatever was going on. She had such an incredible bounce to her step that you would think that her feet were not even touching the floor.

Nicki was a true friend and an unique individual. If there was anyone that I would like to be more like -- it would definitely be Nicki. She has my greatest respect and I will hold her dearly in my heart forever.

She is with the angels now and I'm sure has met up with her loved ones who have gone before. The house is so empty now for us who are left behind. For you see, Nicki was the last of our little family. And, that, brings the greatest sorrow of all.

In Loving Memory
Nicholais French
August 31, 1996 - February 20, 2012

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