Topaz was one of the babies that started Hugs for Homeless Animals.

Topaz, our little princess, was the typical girly-girl. She loved to talk and look pretty. If the sun was shining, you would find her in the window or sitting in one of her favorite sun-spots. As she matured, her strong will and opinions were heard throughout the house. And with one glance you knew she was looking into your soul.

When it was treat-time, and believe me, there was no better timekeeper when it came to time for treats. She would interrupt whatever I was doing to let me know and then proceed to lead me to the pantry and sit with her nose to the pantry door until I opened it and gave her her treat options for the day.

She gave us so much joy and leaves a huge hole in our home and in our hearts. She is with the angels now and I'm sure has met up with her loved ones who have gone before. For us who are left behind, we will hold her forever in our hearts. And I know when it is my time that she will be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge to show me my treat options too.

In Loving Memory
Topaz French
August 31, 1996 - December 6, 2011

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