We fell in love with her at first site. This tiny person of only a few weeks of age with this enormous elegance of character. She was so beautiful. Her breed, Norwegian Forest Cat, with her tuxedo coloring and long silky hair was a sheer delight to behold.

Natasha was the queen of the castle. As our family grew, she maintained her status never giving up her dignity or composure. She had a real talent for opening doors -- closet doors were her specialty. This came in handy a couple of times when someone got closed in by mistake.

It has been such an honor and pleasure to have known her and shared her journey for 18 years. I trust her spirit has found home quickly and she rests now with the angels. She is and always will be greatly missed by all who have known her.

In Loving Memory
Natasha French
June 6, 1991 - March 17, 2009

I will think of you every time I see a sunbeam.

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