Sebastian was the coolest cat ever placed on Earth. He was The Chief. He was teacher, nurse, psychologist, and lover. With the little ones that joined our family, he taught them all the important stuff, like how to fetch, jump high, drink from a faucet, and how to wrestle (boys only). He was tender, tolerant and understanding. And he loved without abandon. His snuzzles would literally make your day. He came to us when he was only a few weeks old. The years have gone by so quickly. He turned 20 years old in March and we experienced the bittersweet of Celebration and Realization. It was so sad when he lost his eyesight this year. Mama Siam stayed constantly by his side to help him any way that she could. They were constant companions, day and night.

Our dear boy is with the angels now and hopefully has met up with those he loved and who have loved him who have gone before. For us who are left behind, we will always remember him and carry on the best that we can.

In Loving Memory
Sebastian French
March 20, 1990 - August 8, 2010

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